Zeitenspiegel Reportagen

The Hansel Mieth Prize

Award for a print text/photo feature on social issues in German, published or unpublished

Zeitenspiegel dedicates this award to its member and friend Johanna “Hansel” Mieth of Santa Rosa, California (1909-1998).

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Gabriel Grüner Grant

Grant to produce a print feature on social issues

Any two-person team consisting of a writer and a photographer can apply for the Gabriel Grüner Grant. The six-thousand-euro budget for the production a print feature is awarded on the basis of a story idea and sample photos.

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Winning photo

Award winners

The Hansel Mieth Prize is one of the most renowned journalism awards in the German-speaking world. Created by journalists for journalists, it honors Johanna “Hansel” Mieth, a runaway from the Rems Valley who became one of LIFE magazine’s premier photographers, known for her portrayals of the down-and-out.

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Press release

The winners of the Hansel Mieth Prize and Gabriel Grüner Grant 2012.

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